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About Us

Discover Genensys: Your Partner for Customized EMR Solutions

At Genensys, we’re dedicated to empowering healthcare providers with tailor-made Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. We understand that every medical practice and facility is unique, which is why we’ve created Simplify EMR, a fully customizable solution designed to cater to your specific needs while remaining cost-effective.

Why Genensys?

Tailored to Your Practice: Our expert team specializes in personalizing Genensys’ top-tier base model system to seamlessly integrate with your practice’s workflow. This customization not only enhances your patient experience but also optimizes your operations.

Your Practice, Your Way: Unlike other EMR systems that force you to adapt to their model,
Genensys’ products adapt to your way of practicing. We believe in flexibility and tailoring our
solutions to your unique needs.
Patient-Centric Focus: We place you at the forefront of our mission because when your practice
thrives, you can better focus on your patients’ needs. Genensys puts you first so that you can
put your patients first.

Our Suite of Simplify Solutions Includes

Simplify EMR

A fully customizable EMR system that streamlines your practice's records and processes.

Practice Management

Comprehensive tools to enhance the management of your medical facility.

Patient Portal

A secure and user-friendly portal that facilitates patient engagement and communication.

Achieve Meaningful Use with Genensys

Our custom suite of Simplify solutions paves the way for Meaningful Use attestation, ensuring that you meet the latest healthcare standards and regulations.

Ready to Make the Transition?
Whether you’re transitioning from a paper-based system to an electronic one or seeking to upgrade your current EMR system, Genensys is the solution you’ve been looking for. Partner with us to experience the Genensys difference and unlock the potential of your practice.This revised content includes relevant keywords and a more SEO-friendly structure while maintaining the core message and value proposition of Genensys’ EMR services.

Our approach to ROI healthcare solutions

  • A constantly updated network, always evolving to support your organization—without upgrade fees.
  • Increased revenue, through increased (and faster) collections, better schedule density.
  • Qualitative benefits that impact revenue, like low upfront investment, aligned incentives, and better work/life balance for clients.
  • No hidden fees.