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Revenue Cycle Management

In the intricate world of healthcare, the efficient management of finances is paramount. Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the lifeblood of any medical organization, and entrusting this critical process to dedicated specialists can make all the difference. From the moment a patient schedules an appointment and the intricate dance of obtaining insurance approvals begins, all the way to the meticulous process of bill collection

 — Every step contributes to the revenue cycle. By partnering with RCM specialists, the burden of navigating the complex financial landscape is lifted, allowing healthcare providers to focus on what they do best 

— Providing exceptional care to their patients. It’s about reclaiming time and resources, driving financial success, and ensuring that no aspect of the revenue cycle is left to chance.

Patient Eligibility

  • Run Patient Eligibility for all Patients on the Schedule for that day.
  • Report is sent to the practice before the practice is open for the day.
  • Color Coding the eligible and ineligible Patients
  • Reduce Denials due to eligibility issues.

Claims Generation / Submission

  • Our 24 hour a day operation gets the claim to the insurance company overnight for the patients seen that day.
  • Detailed Report is sent the practice manager on how many claims were submitted vs how many patients were seen.

Payment Posting

  • We Post the payments and send the reports to the Clinic Everyday.

Patient A/R Management

  • We send Patient Statement and manage patient balances.

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